All Of Those Wonderful One Of A Kind Cassette Audio Recordings You Have From The 1970's And 1980's. You Know Like The One Of Billy And His Band At The Lake That Special Summer Or That Audio Recording Of Uncle John At His Retirement Party Getting Really Sentimental. Analog Recall Can Convert Those Audio Recordings Into MP3's And Track Them Onto CD's Or A Hard Drive So You Will Never Loose Them. If You Need Your Favorite Out Of Print LP Or 45 RPM  Converted And Saved  Into MP3's and Tracked Onto A CD Or A Hard Drive Analog Recall Can Do That For You Too.  If You Have A Need To Save And Convert A Voice Message Off Your Phone Into A MP3 Or Onto CD's Or A Hard Drive, Analog Recall Can Do That For You Too. If It Is Audio and You Need it Saved Or Converted Let Us Help You.




Audio Conversions Analog To Digital

Assuming Your Tape Player Hasn’t Eaten Them Yet, Or Your Vinyl Has Not Scratched So Badly They Won’t Play, The Average Lifespan Of These Tapes And Records Are Only About 20 Years! This Is Why Analog Recall Converts Those Vinyl Records, Cassettes, Music Collections Or Any Audio Tracks You May Have Onto CD's Or Hard Drives. We Will Digitize Your Old Music, Create Individual Tracks And Create A CD. We Remove  Some Hiss And Playing Sounds Associated With Analog Playback Technology.

Vinyl Record Conversion Pricing  










  45rpm & 78rpm $5.00 For Each Additional Records Over 2 Or 3 That Can Fit
Onto One CD.

Analog Recall  
Performs Audio Editing 
For $40.00 Per Hour - 1 hr Mim


  Audio Cassette Conversion Pricing 

1-9 Tapes

   10 +
  More Tapes



Maximum 80 minutes per CD. 90 minute tapes will require 2 CDs

Analog Recall Uses Only The Highest Quality DVD's and CD's And HARD DRIVE STORAGE


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