The Digital Transfer Of Film Is Really An Art. At Analog Recall Our Videographers Are Trained In Storytelling Through Video And Our Goal Is That When We Have Finished Digitizing Your 8MM Film You Will Have An Entertaining Video That Your Family And Friends Will Enjoy Watching. Analog Recall Uses The Latest Technology To Produce The Best Quality Images We Can. Analog Recall Will Digitize Your Film In HD Quality. Let Us Help You Preserve Your Family's History With The Utmost Care To Last Forever. We Will Provide You With Beautifully Chaptered DVD's Or Any Other Digital Format You Prefer - Including The Highest Quality Hard Drive Storage Devices.


Film to DVD 
Converting Your 8MM Films to DVD's Is One Of The Most Important Functions We Perform Here At
Analog Recall.
The Process Of Converting Film Requires Careful Attention And Technical Precision. Each Transfer Is Handled And Overseen By A Trained Videographer Technician Who Performs And Monitors The Entire Process. When You Convert Your Film Reels To A DVD Or Hard Drive, You’re Preserving To A Format That Will Stand The Test Of Time. Film Inevitably Deteriorates Over Time DVDs Or Hard Drives  Can Safely Preserve These  Visual Memories For Decades And Decades. DVD's and Hard Drives Are Also The Prevailing Method Of Watching Movies Today.
If Y
ou've Got Some Of This Old Film That You Can’t Access, It’s Time To Convert The Film Onto A DVD Or A Hard Drive. Make The Switch With Analog Recall. 

8mm, Super 8 Film Conversions To DVD Or Hard Drive
Pricing Based On $.25 Per Foot Of Film. There Is A One Time DVD Mastering Fee Of $50.00 Which Includes Three (3) DVD Copies Or A Hard Drive Transfer Of Your Final Edit
Digitizing Cost For Film

Reel size



Super 8



With Sound

3 inch


3.5 min

3.2 min

2.5 min



5 inch


14.5 min

13.5 min

10 min



6 inch


22 min

20 min

15 min



7 inch


29.5 min

26.5 min

20 min



Maximum 2500 Digitized Feet Per DVD 
We Project The Film Directly Into A HD Video Camera
Through A Lens To Obtain A Crisp And Sharp


If You Want, Your 8MM Film Video
Can Be Processed In 16: 9 Widescreen
For The New LCD And Plasma
Screens. It Will Fit The Screen
With No Letter Boxing .


Once We Have Digitized All Your Footage And You Have Reviewed It. You Then Receive Editing Time To Remove The Footage You Don't Want In the Final Edit.  




There Is Never A Charge For Any Footage That Is Completely Non-Viewable Or Just Black Or Washed Out.

We Work With You To Add Titles And Music To Your Final Edit To Make Your Video Much More Enjoyable. Our
Concern Is That Your Final Video Is A
Pleasure To Watch


After We have Digitized Your Film You Should Let Our Staff Of Videographers Help You Create And Edit A Family Elder Narrated History Highlight Video. A Priceless Video That You Can Pass Down To Generations To Come. Can You Imagine How Your Great Grandchildren Will Feel When They Watch You and Hear You Describe The Video Scenes Of Your Youth . With Out A Doubt The Best Gift You Could
Give Anyone.


Analog Recall Uses Only The Highest Quality DVD's and CD's

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